Indiana Law Journal

Volume 92


Issue 1


The Double-Edged Sword of Health Care Integration: Consolidation and Cost Control
Erin Fuse Brown & Jamie S. King

The Eighth Amendment’s Lost Jurors: Death Qualification and Evolving Standards of Decency
Aliza Plener Cover

To Loose the Bonds
Denise Gilman

Disciplining Corporate Boards and Debtholders Through Targeted Proxy Access
Michelle Harner

Abortion, Informed Consent, and Regulatory Spillover
Kate Shaw & Alex Stein


Living with Owning
Matt Ampleman & Douglas A. Kysar
Harris Lecture

Disability Rights and Labor: Is This Conflict Really Necessary?
Samuel R. Bagenstos
Stewart Lecture

The Emerging Rule of Reason in Voting Rights Law
Samuel Issacharoff
Hall Lecture


North Carolina State Board of Dental Examiners v. FTC: Aligning Antitrust Law with Commerce Clause Jurisprudence Through a Natural Shift of State-Federal Balance of Power
Marie Forney

Issue 2


Illegal Migration is Speech
Daniel Morales


Regulating Fantasy Sports: A Practical Guide to State Gambling Laws, and a Proposed Framework for Future State Legislation
Marc Edelman


Post-Racialism and the End of Strict Scrutiny
David Schraub


The FCC and the “Pre-Internet”
John Blevins


Domicile Dismantled
Kerry Abrams & Kathryn Barber


Trust: A Model for Disclosure in Patent Law
Ari Waldman


Law and Identifiability
Daphna Lewinsohn-Zamir


Doux Commerce, Religion, and the Limits of Antidiscrimination Law
Nathan Oman

Dictation and Delegation in Securities Regulation
Usha R. Rodrigues


One Person, One Vote: Gerrymandering and the Independent Commission,
A Global Perspective
James Ruley

Issue 3


A Diachronic Approach to Bob Jones: Religious Tax Exemptions After Obergefell
Samuel D. Brunson and David J. Herzig

Beyond “Best Practices”: Employment Discrimination Law in the Neoliberal Era
Deborah Dinner

Self-Help, Reimagined
D. James Greiner, Dalié Jiménez & Lois R. Lupica

Measuring the Creative Plea Bargain
Thea Johnson

Dissenting from History: The False Narratives of the Obergefell Dissents
Christopher R. Leslie

Criminalizing Pregnancy
Cortney E. Lollar

Pharmaceutical Federalism
Patricia J. Zettler


Don’t Let the Facts Get in the Way of the Truth:  Revisiting How Buckhannon and Alyeska Pipeline Messed Up the American Rule
Landyn Wm. Rookard


National Protection of Student-Athlete Mental Health: The Case for Federal Regulation over the National Collegiate Athletic Association
Jayce Born

Issue 4


The Death of Rules and Standards
Anthony J. Casey & Anthony Niblett

Substitute and Complement Theories of Judicial Review
David Landau

Collateral Visibility: A Socio-Legal Study of Police Body Camera Adoption, Privacy, and Public Disclosure in Washington State
Bryce Clayton Newell

 International Law in National Schools
Ryan M. Scoville

Taking Systemic Risk Seriously in Financial Regulation
M. Todd Henderson & James C. Spindler

User-Friendly Taxpaying
Kathleen Delaney Thomas


Executive Branch Fact Deference as a Separation of Powers Principle
Emily A. Kile

“To Hell in a Handbasket”: Teachers, Free Speech, and Matters of Public Concern
in the Social Media World

Jessica O. Laurin