Indiana Law Journal

Volume 93


Issue 2


Whistleblowing Speech and the First Amendment
Ronald J. Krotoszynski, Jr.

The Fragile Menagerie:
Biodiversity, Loss, Climate Change, and the Law
James Ming Chen

How Federal Tax Law Rewards Housing Segregation
Michelle D. Layser

Fourth Amendment Localism
Wayne A. Logan

Too-Big-To-Fail 2.0?
Digital Service Providers as Cybersocial Systems
Nizan Geslevich Packin

The Prison to Homelessness Pipeline:
Criminal Record Checks, Race, and Disparate Impact
Valerie Schneider

Personhood Seeking New Life with Republican Control
Jonathan F. Will, I Glenn Cohen & Eli Y. Adashi


Conflicting Approaches to Addressing Ex-Offender Unemployment:
The Work Opportunity Tax Credit and Ban the Box
Katherine English

The Resilient Foundation of Democracy:
The Legal Deconstruction of the Washington Post’s Condemnation of Edward Snowden
Hanna Kim