Rethinking Sports Wagering
Volume 85

Michael C. Macchiarola

Against the backdrop of shrinking tax revenues and growing budget deficits, Rethinking Sports Wagering highlights our nation’s arbitrary and confusing patchwork manner of regulating sports wagering and attempts to begin the dialogue toward a more rational and efficient approach.

The Article hopes to stimulate debate beyond the reflexive moral posturing that has habitually shunned gambling for the last two centuries. Instead, the Article asserts that it is time to give serious consideration to regulating certain styles of sports wager under the nation’s robust federal securities law regime. Structured correctly, such a system could benefit the investing public, the issuing institutions and the various sports leagues. At the same time, it might harmonize the arbitrary and disparate treatment of sports wagering within the different sates and fill the coffers of the federal and state governments.

Full article (.pdf) available here.