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Indiana Law Journal

Volume 95


Issue 1


Zoning to Families

Sarah C. Bronin

Constitutionally Unaccountable: Privatized immigration Detention

Danielle C. Jefferis

Redefining Tribal Sovereignty for the Era of Fundamental Rights

Michael Doran

A Serendipitous Experiment in Percolation of Intellectual Property Doctrine

Daniel R. Cahoy & Lynda J. Oswald

Title VII and the Unenvisaged Case:
Is Anti-LGBTQ Discrimination Unlawful Sex Discrimination

Ronald Turner

The Specific Consumer Expectations Test for Products Defects

Clayton J. Masterman & W. Kip Viscusi

Speech Inequality After Janus v. AFSCME

Charlotte Garden


Arizona’s Torres v. Terrell and Section 318.03:
The Wild West of Pre-Embryo Disposition

Catherine A. Wheatley