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Indiana Law Journal

Volume 96


Issue 4


Sexual Harassment: A Doctrinal Examination of the Law, An Empirical Examination of Employer Liability, and A Question About NDAs—Because Complex Problems Do Not Have Simple Solutions

Michael Heise & David Sherwyn

Rethinking Copyright Harmonization

Clark D. Asay

Polish Road toward Illiberal State: Methods and Resistance

Adam Bodnar

Enforcing Forum Selection Clauses in State Court

John F. Coyle & Katherine D. Richardson

Can Speech Act Theory Save Notice Pleading?

Susan E. Provenzano

Unilateral Burdens and Third Party Harms: Abortion Conscience Laws as Policy Outliers

Nadia N. Sawicki

Privacy vs. Transparency: Handling Protected Materials in Agency Rulemaking

Christopher S. Yoo & Kellen McCoy

Abdication Through Enforcement

Shalini Bhargava Ray