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Indiana Law Journal

Volume 97


Issue 1


Lexipol’s Fight Against Police Reform

Ingrid V. Eagly & Joanna C. Schwartz

Patent Inconsistency

Saurabh Vishnubhakat

Stealing Organs?

Benjamin J. McMichael

Promoting Regulatory Prediction

Jonathan S. Masur & Jonathan Remy Nash

“On the Eve of Destruction”: Courts Confronting the Climate Emergency

Mary Christina Wood

Delusions, Moral Incapacity, and the Case for Moral Wrongfulness

E. Lea Johnston


Rethinking Juvenile Rehabilitation: Presumptive Waiver and Alternative Sentencing in Indiana

S. Reese Sobol


Using the Internal Revenue Code to Limit Coaching Salaries: A Proposal to Bring Amateurism Back into College Football

Blaire Mikesell