Latest Issue

Indiana Law Journal

Volume 91


Issue 1

Symposium: Academic Freedom for the Next 100 Years

Steve Sanders

The Social Value of Academic Freedom Defended
Peter Byrne

Academic Duty and Academic Freedom
Amy Gajda

The Regrettable Underenforcement of Incompetence
as Cause to Dismiss Tenured Faculty
David M. Rabban

General Report of the Committee on Academic Freedom and Academic Tenure [reprint]
Presented at the 1915 Annual Meeting of the
American Association of University Professors


The Government’s Lies and the Constitution
Helen Norton

Filling the D.C. Circuit Vacancies
Carl Tobias


Incentivizing the Protection of Personally Identifying
Consumer Data After the Home Depot Breach
Ryan F. Manion

No Ordinary Fish Tale: Working Toward a Transnational Solution
to the Cod Crisis in the Gulf of Maine
Michael Ruderman

Issue 2


College Football Coaches’ Pay and Contracts: Are They Overpaid and Unduly Privileged?
Randall S. Thomas & R. Lawrence Van Horn

RFRAs and Reasonableness
Steve Sanders

Expert Prevalence, Persuasion and Price:
What Trial Participants Really Think About Experts
Andrew W. Jurs

Rethinking Employment Discrimination Harms
Jessica L. Roberts

Commonality and the Constitution:
A Framework for Federal and State Court Class Actions
Joseph A. Seiner

A Comprehensive Empirical Study of Data Privacy, Trust, and Consumer Autonomy
Jay P. Kesan, Carol M. Hayes & Masooda N. Bashir

The Jerome Hall Lecture:
Parents Involved and the Struggle for Historical Memory­
Mark Tushnet

The William R. Stewart Lecture:
The Behavioral Economic Case for Paternalistic Workplace Retirement Plans
Paul M. Secunda


Wiggle Room: Problems and Virtues of the Inwood Standard
Rian Dawson

A Referee Without a Whistle: Magistrate Judges
and Discovery Sanctions in the Seventh Circuit
Landyn Rookard

It Saves To Be Healthy: Using the Tax Code To Incentivize
Employer-Provided Wellness Benefits
Hilary R. Shepherd