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Indiana Law Journal

Volume 90, Issue 4


Transnational Class Actions in the Shadow of Preclusion
Zachary D. Clopton

Mandatory Process
Matthew J.B. Lawrence

Content-Based Copyright Denial
Ned Snow

Zoning as Taxidermy: Neighborhood Conservation Districts and the Regulation of Aesthetics
Anika Singh Lemar

Erie and Preemption: Killing One Bird with Two Stones
Jeffrey L. Rensberger

A Behavioral Theory of Legal Ethics
Andrew M. Perlman

The Addison C. Harris Lecture

With All Deliberate Speed: Brown v. Board of Education
Julian Bond


Access to Legal Services in Rural Areas of the Northern Rockies: A Recommendation for Town Legal Centers
Brian L. Lynch

Method of Attack: A Supplemental Model for Hate Crime Analysis
Angela D. Moore

Volume 90, Issue 3


Lawyering Wars: Failing Leadership, Risk Aversion, and Lawyer Creep—Should We Expect More Lone Survivors?
Arthur L. Rizer III

Dualism and Doctrine
Dov Fox & Alex Stein

Copyright Complements and Piracy-Induced Deadweight Loss
Jiarui Liu

Intractable Delay and the Need To Amend the Petition Provisions of the FDCA
Diana R. H. Winters

SE(c)(3): A Catalyst for Social Enterprise Crowdfunding
Dana Brakman Reiser & Steven A. Dean

Executive Compensation in Controlled Companies
Kobi Kastiel

Good-Cause Statutes Revisited: An Empirical Assessment
Adi Ayal & Uri Benoliel

Superstatute Theory and Administrative Common Law
Kathryn E. Kovacs

Why the State Cannot “Abolish Marriage”: A Partial Defense of Legal Marriage
Gregg Strauss


I Did My Time: The Transformation of Indiana’s Expungement Law
Joseph C. Dugan

Verizon’s “Certification Process” and Why the FCC Needs To Take a Stand
P.J. Gretter

Volume 90, Issue 2


Nexus Redux
Anjum Gupta

Duty to Defend and the Rule of Law
Gregory F. Zoeller

Scrutinizing Federal Electoral Qualifications
Derek T. Muller

The New State Sovereignty Movement
Austin Raynor

The Federal Question in Patent-License Cases
Amelia Smith Rinehart

Can Judges Make Reliable Numeric Judgments?
Distorted Damages and Skewed Sentences
Jeffrey J. Rachlinski, Andrew J. Wistrich & Chris Guthrie

Banning the Bing:
Why Extreme Solitary Confinement Is Cruel and Far Too Unusual Punishment
Elizabeth Bennion

Federalism and Family Status
Courtney G. Joslin

Big Fish, Small Ponds:
International Crimes in National Courts
Elizabeth B. Ludwin King

The William R. Stewart Lecture

From Weight Checking to Wage Checking:
Arming Workers To Combat Wage Theft
Matthew W. Finkin


The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act:
The Latest Obstacle in the Path to Receiving Complementary and Alternative Health Care?
Chelsea Stanley


Unlocked and Loaded:
Government Censorship of 3D-Printed Firearms and a Proposal for More Reasonable Regulation of 3D-Printed Goods
Danton Bryans

Volume 90, Issue 1


Consequence, Weapons of Mass Destruction, and the Fourth Amendment’s “No-Win” Scenario
Scott J. Glick

Do Corporations Have Religious Beliefs?
Jason Iuliano

Furtive Encryption: Power, Trust, and the Constitutional Cost of Collective Surveillance
Jeffrey L. Vagle

Disarming the Dangerous: Preventing Extraordinary and Ordinary Violence
Mary D. Fan

Reforming the Regulation of Community Banks After Dodd-Frank
Tanya D. Marsh

Fixing Failure to Warn
Aaron D. Twerski & James A. Henderson, Jr.

The Increasing Weight of Regulation: Countries Combat the Global Obesity Epidemic
Allyn L. Taylor, Emily Whelan Parento & Laura A. Schmidt

Dollar Unilateralism: The New Frontline of National Security
Suzanne Katzenstein

CEO Stock Ownership Policies—Rhetoric and Reality
Nitzan Shilon


The Rising None: Marsh, Galloway, and the End of Legislative Prayer
Nicholas C. Roberts

Surrogate Testimony After Williams: A New Answer to the Question of Who May Testify Regarding the Contents of a Laboratory Report
Jennifer Alberts