Latest Issues

Volume 98 | 2022-2023

Issue 1


The Next Pandemic Might be a Petdemic by Hillary Greene

Illusory Privacy by Thomas Haley

Do Social Movements Spur Corporate Change? The Rise of “MeToo Termination Rights” in CEO Contracts by Rachel Arnow-Richman, James Hicks, and Steven Davidoff Solomon

Cannabis Derivatives and Trademark Registration: The Case of Delta-8-THC by W. Michael Schuster

The Limits of Regulation by Insurance by Kenneth S. Abraham and Daniel Benjamin Schwarcz


Regulating Noncompetes Beyond the Common Law: The Uniform Restrictive Employment Agreement Act by Stewart J. Schwab


The Oslo Accords: A Modern-Day Story of Occupation Told Through Violations of the Right to Freedom of Privacy by Catherine DeMetrovich

Issue 2


Trust the Science but Do Your Research: A Comment on the Unfortunate Revival of the Progressive Case for the Administrative State by Mark Tushnet

The Afterlife of Confederate Monuments by Jess Phelps and Jessica N. Owley

Outcome Sensitivity and the Constitutional Law of Criminal Procedure by Lee Kovarsky

Domestic Emergency Pretexts by Amy L. Stein

The Policy Origins of Wi-Fi by John Blevins

Purchasing Population Growth by Edward W. De Barbieri

Layered Fiduciaries in the Information Age by Zhaoyi Li


State Workarounds to the IRC’s SALT Cap: The Past, the Present, and Building for the Future by Richard Stephenson McEwan

Issue 3


Pain Management, Disorders of Consciousness, and Tort Law: An Emergency Tort to Fix a Longstanding Injustice by Joseph J. Fins and Zachary E. Shapiro

Tinder Love and Care: Proposing an Industry Self-Regulation Policy Implementing Safety Procedures for Dating App Companies by Marissa Meredith

Jury-Related Errors in Copyright by Zahr K. Said

Climate Security Insights from the COVID-19 Response by Mark Nevitt

Just-Right Government: Interstate Compacts and Multistate Governance in an Era of Political Polarization, Policy Paralysis, and Bad-Faith Partisanship by Jon Michaels and Emme M. Tyler

The Rise of Corporate Guidelines in the United States, 2005-2021: Theory and Evidence by Asaf Eckstein


Second Chances in Criminal and Immigration Law by Ingrid V. Eagly


A Newfound Power: How the Ohio Supreme Court Should Approach the Next Partisan Gerrymander by Bradley Davis