Indiana Law Journal

Volume 92


Issue 1


The Double-Edged Sword of Health Care Integration: Consolidation and Cost Control
Erin Fuse Brown & Jamie S. King

The Eighth Amendment’s Lost Jurors: Death Qualification and Evolving Standards of Decency
Aliza Plener Cover

To Loose the Bonds
Denise Gilman

Disciplining Corporate Boards and Debtholders Through Targeted Proxy Access
Michelle Harner


Living with Owning
Matt Ampleman & Douglas A. Kysar
Harris Lecture

Disability Rights and Labor: Is This Conflict Really Necessary?
Samuel R. Bagenstos
Stewart Lecture

The Emerging Rule of Reason in Voting Rights Law
Samuel Issacharoff
Hall Lecture

Issue 2


Illegal Migration is Speech
Daniel Morales


Regulating Fantasy Sports: A Practical Guide to State Gambling Laws, and a Proposed Framework for Future State Legislation
Marc Edelman


Post-Racialism and the End of Strict Scrutiny
David Schraub


The FCC and the “Pre-Internet”
John Blevins


Domicile Dismantled
Kerry Abrams & Kathryn Barber


Trust: A Model for Disclosure in Patent Law
Ari Waldman


Abortion, Informed Consent, and Regulatory Spillover
Kate Shaw & Alex Stein


Law and Identifiability
Daphna Lewinsohn-Zamir


Doux Commerce, Religion, and the Limits of Antidiscrimination Law
Nathan Oman

Dictation and Delegation in Securities Regulation
Usha R. Rodrigues