Indiana Law Journal

Volume 90


Issue 1

Consequence, Weapons of Mass Destruction, and the Fourth Amendment’s “No-Win” Scenario by Scott J. Glick

Do Corporations Have Religious Beliefs? by Jason Iuliano

Furtive Encryption: Power, Trust, and the Constitutional Cost of Collective Surveillance by Jeffrey L. Vagle

Disarming the Dangerous: Preventing Extraordinary and Ordinary Violence by Mary Fan

Reforming the Regulation of Community Banks After Dodd-Frank by Tanya D. Marsh

Fixing Failure to Warn by Aaron D. Twerski & James A. Henderson, Jr.

The Increasing Weight of Regulation: Countries Combat the Global Obesity Epidemic by Allyn L. Taylor, Emily Whelan Parento & Laura A. Schmidt

Harnessing Foreign Firms: The New Frontline of National Security by Suzanne Katzenstein

CEO Stock Ownership Policies: Rhetoric and Reality by Nitzan Shilon


P.J. Gretter

Jennifer Alberts