Indiana Law Journal

Volume 91


Issue 2


College Football Coaches’ Pay and Contracts: Are They Overpaid and Unfairly Treated?
Randall S. Thomas & R. Lawrence Van Horn


RFRAs and Reasonableness
Steve Sanders


Expert Prevalence, Persuasion and Price:
What Trial Participants Really Think About Experts
Andrew W. Jurs


Rethinking Employment Discrimination Harms
Jessica L. Roberts


Commonality and the Constitution:
A Framework for Federal and State Court Class-Actions
Joseph A. Seiner


A Comprehensive Empirical Study of Data Privacy, Trust, and Consumer Autonomy
Jay P. Kesan, Carol M. Hayes & Masooda N. Bashir


The Jerome Hall Lecture:
Parents Involved and the Struggle for Historical Memory­
Mark Tushnet


The William R. Stewart Lecture:
The Behavioral Economic Case for Paternalistic Workplace Retirement Plans
Paul M. Secunda



Wiggle Room: Problems and Virtues of the Inwood Standard
Rian Dawson


A Referee Without a Whistle: Magistrate Judges
and Discovery Sanctions in the Seventh Circuit
Landyn Rookard


It Saves To Be Healthy: Using the Tax Code To Incentivize
Employer-Provided Wellness Benefits
Hilary R. Shepherd


Issue 3


A Welfarist Perspective on Lies
Ariel Porat & Omri Yadlin


Absolute Conflicts of Law
Anthony J. Colangelo


Collapsing Illusions: Standards for Setting Contract and Other Defaults
Steven J. Burton


Taking the Oceanfront Lot
Josh Eagle


Standing for (and up to) Separation of Powers
Kent Barnett


Silencing Grand Jury Witnesses
Michael Cassidy


Identifying Criminals’ Risk Preferences
Murat C. Mungan & Jonathan Klick


The Merits of Tax Competition in a Globalized Economy
David C. Elkins


The Right to Attention
Jasper L. Tran


Congress, Tribal Recognition, and Legislative-Administrative Multiplicity
Kirsten Matoy Carlson



“I Must Tell the Whole World”:
Septimus Smith as Virginia Woolf’s Legal Messenger
Riley H. Floyd


Terra Firma as Open Seas: Interpreting Kiobel in the Failed State Context
Drew F. Waldbeser


Issue 4


University IP:  The University as Coordinator of the Team Production Process
Samuel Estreicher and Kristina A. Yost


Innovate? Or Copy?: An Experimental Approach
to Sequential Innovation in Intellectual Property
Stefan Bechtold, Christopher Buccafusco & Christopher Jon Sprigman


The Tension Between Autonomy and Freedom of Contract in Modern Arbitration Law
Hiro Aragaki


The FCC and the “Pre-Internet”
John Blevins


Title IX, Sexual Assault, and the Issue of Effective Consent—
Blurred Lines: When Should “Yes” Mean “No”?
Lori Shaw


The Two Faces of the FISC
Emily Berman


Abortion, Informed Consent, and Regulatory Spillover
Kate Shaw & Alex Stein


The Prosser Myth of Transferred Intent
Peter Kutner


The Sons of Indiana: Kappa Alpha Psi and the Fight for Civil Rights
Gregory S. Parks



The Supplement


Picking Up the Slackline: Can the United States and Japan Successfully Regulate
Commercial Fishing of Bluefin Tuna in the Wake of Failed Intergovernmental Attempts?
Sarah Bauer